What People Are Saying?

“This book is jam-packed with real advice and answers to every conceivable medical, emotional and lifestyle question posed around being plus sized and pregnant. Brette is the trusted confidante you’ve always wanted, willing to share her own personal experience in great detail. She, however, goes one step further and also interviews lots of other women who have gone through being plus size and pregnant and who give their honest opinions on every topic. Each chapter includes these women’s insights and I found them, along with Brette’s voice, to be a wonderful complementary touch. It’s like having a support group right at your fingertips. Brette’s descriptive, no-nonsense approach offers peace of mind, insight, inspiration and information. As an image and style expert, I especially enjoyed the sections on wardrobe choices and where to go and how to solve the practical dilemma of looking great through the entire nine-month pregnancy period.”
Catherine Schuller, president International Size Acceptance Association

“As a childbirth educator I would highly recommend Your Plus Size Pregnancy to expectant mothers. It is important for women to enter pregnancy and childbirth well informed, but even more important for them to feel good about themselves and their bodies. This book is both informational and inspiring. There are many books available for pregnancy, but this book breaks the one size fits all mold.”
Jane Hanrahan, President-Elect, International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

“Brette’s book gets right at the heart of what plus-size pregnant women want to know. She covers the basics, like testing procedures, what to expect during office visits and breastfeeding. But she doesn’t leave out other important tips, like shopping for maternity clothes and finding support online. Her frank, real-world advice on everything from health issues to fears and feelings of guilt makes her a trustworthy source, and the positive reassurance she offers is something all expecting moms, whether plus-size or not, will appreciate.”
Misty Bott, managing editor, ePregnancy Magazine

“This book tells you what to expect when you’re expecting — if your weight exceeds expectations. Packed with research, resources, and real comments from real moms, it’s a must-have for women who are plus-sized and pregnant.”
Wendy Shanker, author of The Fat Girl’s Guide To Life

“I LOVE this book and wish I had it when I was pregnant! If you are plus-size and pregnant, this book should be right by your bedstand! A wonderful reference and guidebook that includes medical information and candid sharing by fellow plus-size pregnant women, Your Plus-Size Pregnancy gives the gift of knowing you are not alone in the quest for the right to feel beautiful (no matter what your size) during the extraordinary journey of pregnancy. Bravo!”
Barbara Brickner, Plus-Size Model with Wilhelmina Models in New York Founder & President of BB Maternity – Exclusively for Plus Sizes www.bbmaternity.com

“Brette’s book is a wealth of information from the ‘full-figured’ side of the scale on pregnancy! Ms. Sember has been open, honest, and caring in her tone of this book for women who wear a size 14 and up and celebrating pregnancy for the first time or the third time.

Sember’s put together a team of medical experts and pregnant plus size women to support your plus-size pregnancy. Resulting in truly information-packed chapters that cover: “Loving Who You Are” to “Plus Size Pregnancy Clothing.” It’s a great body-image book, and her information on fit and dressing your shape for the term of your pregnancy is priceless and will become a classic for women across the country.

Brette’s tone is sisterly – she’s definitely an expert in a category we needed to uncover fully! After 15 years in the publishing world of magazines and publishing my own body image book for women on style inside and out, I am thrilled to shout “Settle into an armchair and put your feet up, ladies… This book is a must for all of us with curves ‘growing’ the next generation in those fabulous bodies…!”
Michele Weston, co-founder of curvy brand media consulting firm, Selling Style,Inc., Executive Editor, Style & News for AmaZemagazine.com and author of Learning Curves: Living Your Life in Full and in Style