How Do I Find Maternity Clothes?

Maternity ClothesUnfortunately most designers and manufacturers simply do not yet understand the need and the demand for attractive, quality plus-size maternity clothes. Until recently, most items were dowdy, unattractive, shapeless and just plain ugly. Many designers do not understand that plus-size moms do not have giant linebacker shoulder or upper arms as wide as tree trunks, and do not need huge arm holes or extra long sleeves. Fortunately, this is beginning to change with some savvy designers.

Some moms choose to wear larger size regular clothing and this is always an option, and one that might make the most sense for things like nightgowns, turtlenecks, or sweatpants. But if you want to feel good about your body and show off its magnificent pregnancy shape, maternity clothes are definitely the way to go.

The key to dressing well during pregnancy is to choose the style of clothing you felt comfortable pre-pregnancy. If you loved low rise pants and belly shirts, wear them during pregnancy. If you loved jeans, wear them during pregnancy. If you felt comfortable at work in skirts, wear them through your pregnancy. Be true to who you are and always be sure to ask in stores about plus-sizes. This will get across the message for the demand that exists and hopefully encourage more stores to dress plus-size pregnant women well.

Non-Maternity Clothes
Some moms find that buying clothing in larger regular sizes works well for them during pregnancy. These are some sources to consider.