PregnancyPregnancy is a time of great joy, but it’s also a time of many changes. Until now, plus-size pregnant women have been primarily ignored in the media and in maternity store. Hopefully with this web site and the accompanying book we can start to change that.

It is possible to have a healthy, wonderful pregnancy when you are a plus-size woman. No one should make you feel uncomfortable, worried, or treat you differently than other moms. Unfortunately, a lot of moms find this is not the case.

As a plus-size mom you need to understand the real facts about what your weight means about your pregnancy, you need a health-care provider who can be honest and who can also listen to you, and you also must have pride in your pregnancy and refuse to allow anyone to make you feel embarrassed or negative. Whether you weigh a bit more than you’d like or a super-size mom, your pregnancy is a time to be cherished and enjoyed.

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