Hurray for plus-size moms! The only thing that matters in parenting is the size of your heart. Being a plus-size mom isn’t always easy though.

As a plus-size mom, you may first of all have some difficulty adjusting to your postpartum body. Remember that all women’s bodies change after birth and it will take time, but your body will eventually look more like itself. Your job is to be proud of the important work your body did and remain positive about yourself and all you have accomplished.

As a plus-size mom, you may or may not worry about whether your child will grow up to be larger. Make sure you read the section at the left about this. You may also have some feelings about whether your body will someday embarrass your child. Your child loves you exactly as you are and does not care what size you wear. Being a mom is about providing love.

Thinking About Another Baby?

A new study in The Lancet has shown that gaining weight between pregnancies increases your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes during the second pregnancy. It can be particularly difficult to control weight gain between pregnancies. Many moms find that nursing increases their appetites, and because they spent hours a day sitting and nursing, they can’t be as active as they would like, all of which adds up to weight gain.

Once you’re done nursing though, you may want to turn your attention to weight loss, before getting pregnant again. It’s so hard to eat right, exercise, and take care of yourself when your day is completely filled with the care of a little person, but just maintaining your weight between pregnancies and preventing any gain can be an important boost to your health in the next pregnancy.

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