Good News and Bad News

A new study shows that women who are obese may need higher levels of the hormone gonadotrophin during assisted pregnancy (fertility clinic procedures). Doctors are not sure why, but speculation is that the hormone is distributed over body weight, so the bigger you are, the more you might need.

The same study had some good news though. They found that plus-size women who ovulate, have periods and have at least one Fallopian tube are just as likely to become pregnant during fertility procedures as women who are of average size. This study is ground-breaking because other studies that say plus-size women are likely to have more trouble getting pregnant did not distinguish between women who ovulated and women who did not, which is clearly a key difference. If you are ovulating, this study means, your chances of getting pregnant are good. If you aren’t ovulating, if your physicians can induce ovulation, then your chances of getting pregnant are also good.

The take home message of this study is that if you are undergoing fertility treatments, be sure to ask your physician about this study and if your medication levels have been adjusted for your weight.