Feeling Good About Your Pregnancy

Yellow FlowerPregnancy is a fleeting time. It really will be over before you know it, no matter how large and uncomfortable you might feel at certain points. Many plus-size women have difficulty feeling good about their bodies during pregnancy, although they are most overjoyed at the prospect of a baby.

This is the one time in your life when you must accept yourself for who you are right now. If you were a dieter before your pregnancy, you may find it hard to accept that you’re going to gain weight. Remind yourself what that weight is for – nurturing your baby. Take some time to reflect on the amazing work your body is doing and really appreciate it. This is the one time in your life when you are allowed to take part in a miracle, so be open to the joy of your pregnancy.

Your body is beautiful – curvy, round, soft – everything a baby could want in a mother. And it is doing the remarkable job right now of growing your little one. The best thing you can do is pamper yourself and stay positive about your body and its work.

Plus-size pregnancy is often difficult not only because of the self-image problems we bring to it, but also because of the reactions of other people. Carry yourself with dignity and pride and refuse to allow others to make you feel bad about yourself. We’ve all experienced rude looks or comments at one time in our lives and unfortunately you will find pregnancy is no exception to this. Choose to be with people who support you and are positive about your pregnancy.

5 Ways Good About Your Pregnancy and Yourself

  1. Take photos.
    Too many plus-size moms hide from the camera. Your pregnancy is a fleeting moment in your life, so preserve it. Your child will want to see what it looked like when he or she was inside you, so don’t be afraid to take photos that celebrate your changing shape.
  2. Make time to nurture your body.
    Your body is doing a lot of hard work right now – growing a brand new person. This is the time when you should honor and reward your body. Take relaxing baths, get a manicure, have your partner give you a massage, buy a massaging foot bath, wear soft, comfortable clothing, and take some time to just watch the movements going inside your stomach.
  3. Remember who you are.
    It’s easy to get caught up in impending motherhood and lose sight of who you truly are. Take time during your pregnancy to stimulate your mind and spirit with activities, books, movies, music, and new hobbies that help you remember you’re more than just a giant belly.
  4. Find support.
    You must turn to your partner, family and friends for support during your pregnancy. You may be the one having the baby, but everyone you love is there to help you, make you laugh, and participate in your joy. Don’t be afraid to talk to your close friends and family about what you’re going through. Pregnancy is challenging not only in a physical way, but in an emotional way. Let the people you care about help you through this.
  5. Track your progress.
    Those nine months can sometimes seem interminable, but if you keep a pregnancy journal, you’ll be able to see your progress. Write about the milestones in your pregnancy as well as the little moments that strike you. This journal will not only be a cherished keepsake of your pregnancy for you, but will also be an important history for your child to read some day.