Finding Support

Finding SupportThere are a lot of places to find online support such as: and You will also find other plus-size pregnant women eager to help you and offer support. While message boards are an important piece in your support network, you also need support from your spouse or partner, friends, and family. Tell your spouse or partner how you’re feeling. He’s never been pregnant so he has no idea what you’re going through. You may need to tell him how he can best help you and make you feel good.

If your friends and family are not supportive, spend your time with other people. Most of the time though your friends and family are the ones who love you for who you are and will be there to enjoy your pregnancy with you. If you have plus-size female relatives (and most of us do), they can be a great place to turn to for advice and encouragement. They’ve gone through plus-size pregnancies or at least understand what it is like to be a plus-size woman in today’s Hollywood obsessed world.