Table of Contents

Foreword by Catherine Lippincott


Chapter 1: Loving Who You Are
Liking Yourself
Body Image Acceptance
Separating Size from Self
Your Right to Be Pregnant and Enjoy It
Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy

Chapter 2: Dealing With Your Changing Body
Coping with Weight Gain
Yeast Infectiosn
Coping With Aches and Pains
Shape Change
Feeling the Baby Move

Chapter 3: Working With Your Health Care Provider
Size Acceptance
Finding a Health Care Provider
What to Look for in the Office
Talking to Your Provider About Weight
Developing a Good Patient-Provider History
Educate Yourself
Dealing with Insensitivity
Dealing with Uncomfortable Moments

Chapter 4: Testing, Testing, 1,2, 3: Medical Care and Tests During Pregnancy
Fundal Height
Other Screening Tests
Non-stress Tests

Chapter 5: Weighing the Facts: The Truth About Plus Size Pregnancy Weight Gain
What the Experts Recommend
Being Realistic
What This Means for You
Why Limiting Weight Gain is Important
Getting Past Weight

Chapter 6: Staying Healthy
You Can Be Overweight and Healthy
Dealing With Cravings and Appetite Changes
Dealing With Hunger
Eating a Healthy Diet
Increasing Calories
Eating Several Smaller Meals

Chapter 7: Does My Weight Affect My Pregnancy?
Understanding Risk
Understanding Terms
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Pregnancy Conditions
Gestational Diabetes
Preterm Birth
Urinary Tract Infections
Sleep Apnea
Birth Complications
Effects on the Baby
Birth Defects
Birth Weight
Coping With Your Risk
Weight Control Drugs and Procedures

Chapter 8: Feeling Good About Your Body
Changing Your Attitude
Appreciating Your Miracle
Pampering Yourself
Personal Care
Your Surroundings
Clothing and Accessories
Focusing on Who You Are
Nurture Your Mind
Nurture Your Spirit
Nurture Your Relationships
Remember What Your Body is Doing

Chapter 9: Beyond Sacks and Muumuus: Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Clothes Make the Woman
Dressing for the In Between Stage
Choosing Not to Buy Maternity Clothes
What Size to Buy
Clothes that are Flattering and Comfortable
Wardrobe Pieces You Need
Accessorize Your Outfits
Where to Buy Maternity Clothes
Specialty Sizes and Items

Chapter 10: Dealing With Self-Esteem and Stress
Getting Respect
Invisible Pregnancy Syndrome
Managing Stress

Chapter 11: Stuff That Holds You Up, Beyond a Good Bra: Finding Support
Accepting That You Need Support
Your Spouse or Partner
Your Friends and Family
Your Health Care Provider
Finding Online Support

Chapter 12: Celebrating and Honoring Your Pregnancy
Focus on Your Pregnancy
Celebrate and Remember Your Pregnancy
Get Your Partner Involved in Your Pregnancy

Chapter 13: It’s Showtime: Labor and Delivery
Finding Childbirth Classes
Being Honest About Your Weight
Birth Comfort Measures
Dealing With Hospital Staff
Hospital Equipment and Supplies
Vaginal Birth
Breech Birth
VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Chapter 14: C-Sections
C-Section Likelihood
Pain Relief for C-Sections
C-Section Complications
C-Section Postpartum Care

Chapter 15: Leaky Watermelons and Sour Milk: Nursing as a Plus Size Mom
Loving Your Larger Breasts
Breastfeeding Success
Choosing Not to Breastfeed
Getting Help
Help With Milk Supply
Comfortable Nursing Positions
Finding Nursing Bras, Clothing, and Baby Carriers and Slings
Your Diet is Your Baby’s Diet
Nursing and Weight Loss
Staying Comfortable

Chapter 16: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Life After Birth
Your Post-Birth Body
Weight Loss
Your Future Weight and Health
Loving Your Postpartum Body
Health Implications for Your Child
Big Babies
Your Baby’s Health
Life as a Plus-Sized Mom

Resource Appendix